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Upcoming due dates


New 2nd quarter due dates (may change so stay flexible and stay alert!)  Some reading must be accomplished on your own in order to meet the deadlines.

  • Extra Credit Nov.14 Quiz on Regional Realism video due - google classroom
  • essay response to letter from Guthrie theater actress playing the part of Juliet in the Guthrie Theater production of Romeo and Juliet due Nov. 30 submit in google folder
  • Introduction to Shakespeare quiz (based on introduction to Shakespeare Brief and Naughty video show in class and linked here) due Nov. 14
  • Google slide presentation of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/Real World Thursday Nov. 16 
  • Friday Nov. 17 quiz on Latin Word Chunks 1-20
  • Essay Response to issues raised by the letter from the Guthrie theater actress and the class Socratic Seminar.  See more information on the google classroom site.   Due Nov. 30