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Upcoming due dates


New 2nd quarter due dates (may change so stay flexible and stay alert!)  Some reading must be accomplished on your own in order to meet the deadlines.

DUE DATES - Most recent due date near the top  (scroll down for previous due dates)

Almost done!!  

  • Google classroom quiz on  the Declaration of Independence due Thursday June 7
  • worksheet Declaration of Independence due June 6
  • ebook creations on The Great Gatsby due June 6 and present to class June 7
  • Wednesday quiz Great Gatsby chapters 1-2
  • personal narrative final due April 26
  • Journal sheet Great Gatsby chapter 2 due Wednesday, April 25
  • Latin Root quiz Thursday, April 26 (mis-, dis-, dif-, di, re-, non-, log, ver, dict, cap, capt, ten, -ist, -less, -tude, -sim, -logue, -log, -able, -ible, -ship, -fy, -ness, -er, -or)
  • Welcome back from Spring Break!  Here are the latest due dates:
  • Friday April 20 Latin root quiz #20 (mono-, hyper-, de-, inter-, epi-, log, ver, cred, graph, ten, fac, tact, scrib, script, bas, dict, duc, duct, cap, capt, tact, spec, spect, therm, mort, -able, ible, er, or, -fy, -ism, -ist, -less, -logue, -log, -ness, -ship, -tude)
  • Wednesday April 10 preread survey and response due
  • Thursday April 12 first draft typed (Wednesday April 11 first draft written)


  • Emily Dickinson poetry study guide due 3/19
  • Thoreau Civil Disobedience study guide due 3/19 (extra credit for those turned in 3/14,3/15)
  • Self-Reliance cross word puzzle due 3/15
  • Devil and Tom Walker vocabulary due 3/13
  • Closeread due March 21
  • post-Crucible written response due March 21
  • Quiz on Romanticism notes, The Devil and Tom Walker, and Self-Reliance google classroom due (March 15, 2018) changed to March 19
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson preread questions due (March 10) changed to March 14
  • The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving, study guide due Friday, March 9
  • Latin Root Quiz #18 Friday, March 9, 2018  - ex-, e-, de-, se-, a-,ab-, abs-, plus roots 31-50
  • I am From poem due typed Monday, March 5, 2018
  • Final essay, typed MLA format due Friday March 2, 2018
  • Rough draft  essay response to dense question due: Wed. Feb. 21
  • Dense Question Strategy due Tues. and Wed. Feb. 20 and 21
  • Latin Root quiz Thursday  Feb. 22
  • Close read due Wed. Feb. 21
  • Study guide Act 4 due Feb. 15
  • Latin root quiz (15 ) Thurs. Feb. 15
  • Act 3 quiz on google classroom due Wed. Feb. 14 11:59 pm
  • Test The Crucible Wed. Feb. 21 (subject to change due to EL testing) moved to Friday Feb. 23

 Medtronic Opportunity: Medtronic is seeking to identify 4 students (one male/one female from North Minneapolis and one male/one female from Cedar-Riverside neighborhood – ideally recently immigrated, but not a requirement) to provide full funding to attend one of two programs abroad:

Students who are interested need to complete the application by February 20th. (application on webpage states it is closed, however they will continue to receive apps from our MPS areas) The candidates must be juniors, graduation year 2019.

Welcome back after winter break!!   We begin with reading another drama: The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Due dates:

  • Latin Root quiz (5 new prefixes and 5 roots) Thurs. Feb. 8
  • 2nd Closeread article and response due Wed. Feb 14
  • Act 2 The Crucible Google classroom quiz due 11:59 PM Thursday Feb. 8
  • Article of the Week close read and reaction due Wed. Feb. 7
  • Root quiz 1-35 Friday Feb. 2, 2018
  • Vocabulary Act 2 The Crucible due Wed. Jan. 24
  • Root quiz 1-30 Monday January 22, 2018
  • Quiz Act 1 on google classroom due Jan. 18 11:59 PM
  • Wednesday, Jan 10 written response to pre-read of The Crucible
  • Vocabulary Thursday, Jan 11
  • Thursday Jan 11 Latin Root quiz 1-30
  • Jan 11 in the media center to complete ACT registration
  • Jan 16 after school Poetry Out Loud competition - come support your class mates and friends
  • Final Test Romeo and Juliet Wednesday Dec. 20
  • Poetry Out Loud Presentations Wed Dec. 20
  • Due Friday Dec. 15 Latin Word Chunk quiz # 1-25
  • Due Dec. 13 quiz on google classroom Romeo and Juliet Act 1-3 due date extended through Dec. 19
  • Friday Dec. 8 quiz Latin Word Chunks # 1-25
  • Romeo and Juliet Act 2 response writing due Thursday Dec. 7
  • Poetry Out Loud presentation Dec. 20-22  (pick a poem by Thursday, Dec. 7)


  • Extra Credit Nov.14 Quiz on Regional Realism video due - google classroom
  • essay response to letter from Guthrie theater actress playing the part of Juliet in the Guthrie Theater production of Romeo and Juliet due Nov. 30 submit in google folder
  • Introduction to Shakespeare quiz (based on introduction to Shakespeare Brief and Naughty video show in class and linked here) due Nov. 14
  • Google slide presentation of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/Real World Thursday Nov. 16 
  • Friday Nov. 17 quiz on Latin Word Chunks 1-20
  • Essay Response to issues raised by the letter from the Guthrie theater actress and the class Socratic Seminar.  See more information on the google classroom site.   Due Nov. 30
  • Latin word chunck quiz 1-20 Thursday Nov. 30
  • Written response to Act 1 Romeo & Juliet due Tues. Nov. 28  Choose one of the 3 choices to respond to:
  • 1. Write a description of Romeo based on what you have learned about him so far.  Use specific quotes from the play to support your writing.
    2. Assume that you write an advice column for a newspaper or magazine.  A modern-day Romeo or Juliet writes to you asking for your advice.  He or she explains what happened at the party and also mentions the family feud.  First write his or her letter, and then write your response.
    3. Choose a quotation from any of the scenes in Act I that you feel best characterizes that scene.  In a paragraph, discuss why you think this quotation is significant and effective at conveying the events or emotions of this scene.