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STEM 101
The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  STEM education focuses on the integration of these disciplines into all aspects of schooling.  Believe it or not, the concept of STEM has been around since the 1890’s, originating with committee at Harvard who were looking into ways in which schools to transform to better produce students for the new industrial age. 

Regardless of where or when STEM originated, we can all agree that the world is getting more complex with each passing year.  In order to adequately prepare our students for the working world, we need to equip them with skills necessary to be successful.  In the spring of 2014, US News reported “there were 5.7 million openings in STEM fields in 2013, 4.4 million of which required at least a bachelor's degree and 2.3 million of which were entry-level jobs that call for less than two years of experience.”  The National Math and Science Initiative reported that in 2013 only 44% of American high school graduates were prepared for college level math and 36% ready for college level science.  These statistics become more and more important, as more and more STEM fields are requiring some form of post-secondary education.

What STEM is at Heritage Academy
Students at Heritage Academy are given many opportunities throughout the year to participate in STEM related curriculum. 

Regular coursework at Heritage Academy includes a variety of advanced STEM class at the high school level, such as Advanced Media Arts, Physics, Pre-Calculus, and Chemistry, as well as student support classes at both the middle and high school levels, utilizing computer labs and software such as Read 180 for English and ALEKS in Math.  Students are also given the opportunity to take a variety of STEM electives, focusing around topics of Engineering, and Environmental Concerns.  Both the high school and middle school programs participate in a annual school wide STEM unit, during which our students can explore and discuss a single STEM related topic throughout all of their classes over a given time period. 

Each classroom at Heritage Academy is equipped to integrate STEM in our daily practice.  We utilize SMART Boards, Projectors, and Computers in our lessons and our able to enhance the classroom experience with two stand-alone Mac computer labs and two mobile Mac laptop labs.  As a stem school striving to integrate STEM into all aspects of our daily routine, all of our staff attends 8 hours of STEM related training a year to learn to better integrate STEM concepts and practices individual subject areas.

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