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Understanding plagiarism

"According to the Council of Writing Program Administrators (2003), plagiarism occurs when students use another writer's "language, ideas, or other original  (not common knowledge) material wthout acknowledging its source" (p. 1). The council applied this definition to all published texts in print and online, to manuscripts, and to the other students' written work. Simply stated, plagiarism is the theft of someone else's work, whether it is intentional or unintentional. Stolley, Brizee, and Paiz (2013) listed acts of plagiarism as quoting words, sentences, paragraphs, or pages from another writer's work without giving that writer credit; copying another writer's sequence of ideas without giving that writer credit;  changing only a few words in a directed quote; misrepresenting or distorting the writer's work; and buying, borrowing or reusing a paper."

Bostrom, Cheryl A., Ed.D., English Language Learning 2017-2018 and the Professional Learning Community,  41.