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We thank you for choosing to volunteer at Heritage Academy!

Volunteer Policies & Procedures

  • Heritage Academy welcomes any member of the society to provide voluntary services at the school. Heritage Academy values the contribution and services of volunteers. Our volunteer program is an integral part of our school’s programs as it is meant to support our programs and facilitate provision of services. 
  • To volunteer at the school, a volunteer is required to follow the school policies, perform assigned tasks, and provide the agreed upon voluntary services. 
  • The school will provide access to facilities and equipment needed to perform the voluntary services. 
  • A Volunteer is an individual who provides services to the school and is not eligible for any compensation or benefits. A volunteer is not an employee or agent of the school. Any member of the public is eligible as long as they meet the school requirements. Any volunteer under the age of 18 must obtain parental consent to volunteer. 
  • A volunteer will be assigned tasks by a school staff and is required to work under the direction and supervision of the staff member. A volunteer must obtain the written permission of the supervisor before performing other tasks or making other commitments on behalf the program. 
  • A volunteer is required to complete required forms and paperwork such as volunteer application and background check forms. A volunteer will only be approved to volunteer after satisfactory qualification and background check reports. 
  • A volunteer is required to maintain the confidentiality of any privileged information that he or she may have access to any individual or institution that may not have access to such information. This confidentiality agreement is binding during and after the expiry of the voluntary period. The volunteer may share such information only with the written consent of the school. 
  • A volunteer may be reimbursed for pre-approved expenses incurred while performing assigned tasks.  The volunteer is required to submit expense receipts and/or other supporting documents.
  • A volunteer agrees to maintain school property in good condition. A volunteer agrees to use program facilities and resources such as furniture, computers, the internet, and books, for legally and lawfully accepted purposes. 
  • A volunteer is required to maintain professionalism at all times while volunteering for the school. These includes but is not limited to timely performance of tasks, dressing appropriately and maintaining positive and professional relationships with students, staff, parents and others affiliated with the program.  
  • The voluntary services may be terminated anytime by either the school or the volunteer. 

Selection Procedures

  • The school will contact institutions, programs and individuals that may be willing to provide voluntary services. The school may also post volunteer opportunities on its website and use other strategies to reach out to volunteers.
  • After the program receives volunteer applications, volunteers that meet the school’s needs and requirements will be invited for interviews.
  • After the interviews, successful volunteers will complete the required forms.
  • Successful applicants will be assigned tasks

Please see application